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Jan 26, 2009

A predicament alright!

What happens when you wake up and reach for your cell-phone and find it missing?

First reactions, might be let me complete brushing my teeth and will look for it. Or can also be the other way, start shouting, wailing at the fact of not finding it.

Well mine, though was the first kind, the fact of the loss now unfolding itself, I could not put the bristles to its work. Started searching vehemently all around the house, my room and where not!!!

Then Dad tells me that he found a long stick near the main door while he opened the gate today morning. Then suddenly a bolt of realization strikes me in the form of another loss. This time, my favorite ‘TIMEX PERPETUAL CALENDAR – WATCH’, the one which I first saw on Shamith’s wrist in HP. Going back in memory lanes, I recall what all I did to buy that watch. The first chunk of money I spent on myself that would be there with me all the time, no matter what. This was a memoir of an award for the cash prize I had received in HP (e-Award).

Well fact of the matter is there seems to have been a theft from the window of my room, next to which on the table I had left my cell-phone and wrist watch.

Well, after the fact sinks in, what do you do next?

Probably, go lodge a complaint. I did just that. Also might call up the Telecom Service Provider to bar all outgoing calls, did that too.

What next? Well what else?

There is a sense of disbelief that engulfs when something like this happens. Until 2.30AM the night before the phone was in use and the watch seen on the table. Next morning you wake up its gone, just gone… now long gone.

Neither sad nor angry, I am just plain confused how to react. I see the mirror, I see myself smiling.
Am like “What the *&#^”? I shouldn’t be smiling atleast.

I have heard and experienced the ‘tears of joy’, now the reaction I am going through makes me wonder if there is something like ‘smiles of sorrow’?

Have an exam that starts in 4 days, and I just can’t put my head into the books. Thus giving a vent to my feelings this way, I hope to steer clear from the state I am in.



Jas said...

oh my sweethrt...evry1 knos how much it hurts to lose a cellphone but losin a watch..ask me...
if it wud hav been just d watch missin seriously u cud hav doubted on me coz i loved ur watch.. now dont loose ur cool over it n ya we'll share d smiles of sorrow...

The Muser said...

I went through exactly the same things this weekend. Lost my wallet with cash,credit cards,photographs and a curio given to me by hubby! :(

Prady said...

Just remember that nothing i yours.. everything is given and when time comes it goes... everything here is a cycle .. its a cycle of karma.. :)

eyememyself said...

Terrible this sounds. I know exactly how it feels when you lose something that means much more to you than a material object!