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Jan 18, 2009

After weeks of pushing ahead due to unforeseen circumstances and continuous persuasion, December 17th, 2009 was the opportune day decided to celebrate Kannada Rajyothsava in IBS-Bangalore.

It’s always said that it doesn’t take too much to bring something to life, when there is a force of desire driving it. This was exactly something that, we, the organizing committee realized. Just two days before ‘the’ day it was communicated to us by a zealous senior student Harish, about the event.

In line with expectations it was all it took to motivate a bunch of Kannadigas to come together and get the wheel rolling, but commendable was the support shown by non-local students of IBS. The fact that 17th December was also celebrated as an ethnic day made the occasion an interesting affair for the 300 strong members that attended the event on the day.

The program was inaugurated by Prof T.R. Venkatesh, Director IBS-B and other dignitaries present.

Students of IBS-B, Rajatha and Prithveesh set the right tone to the program by invoking blessings of the Holy Lord through their enchanting voices.

The other attraction of the day was the local professional folk dance ‘Dhollu Kunita’ group, who performed signifying the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka.

Main eye-catchers of the day were a 20 strong team of visually challenged kids that came from ‘Samarthanam’ lead by the talented Mr. Nagesh (an international Artist, Professional singer and a Mimix Master Ceremony). The kids performed with so much zeal and passion, that it prompted the IBS junta to come up with an impromptu dance on a Kannada song.

The event was also graced by Smt. Saraswathi Murthy, an exponent in Carnatic classical music also a regular performing artiste at All India Radio. She enthralled the audience with her devotional songs.

The day also saw the students and faculties judged on their attires for the ethnic wear competition. While Himanshu and Sudha from the students staked their claim on the best dressed students’ awards, the faculties lead by Prof. Dakshina Kanthy and Prof. Nityananda showed that they were up to the task by winning the best dressed lady and Gentleman awards.

Special delicacies of Karnataka like ‘BisiBeleBaath’ and ‘Dharwad Pedha’were served to everyone present on the day.

Like all good things that come to an end, our program also concluded with Prof. Sukesh Kumar giving away prizes for the day and the hosts Sanjay and Uthra thanking the organizing committee and the audience for their gracious presence that made the event a huge success.

Sanjaya K.S
MBA, Class of 2010
(P.S:This post got here, just in case if it doesn't get printed on the college mag)


prady said...

barisu kannada dimdimava O' karnataka hridaya shiva.. :)

Molagali nada geethavu.. moodali suprabhathavu...

elladaru iru enthadaru iru .. endendigu nee kannadavaagiru... kannadave satya.. kannadave nitya...