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May 15, 2007

A passing thought...
I was writing a testimonial for one of my friends when i started thinking about a few of them I had written and the time and effort it took me.
Well, might sound like an occupational hazard that has inculcated this kind of thinking in me. But I guess with so much thought put into each one of them, these might make good blog posts. So friends of mine, don't be surprised if you see something about you on my blog.


Tifossi said...

hey dats a very diff idea sure do man..with their pics to accompany them itll be gr8..Hey Avi here./.

Sanju said...

@ tiffosi/Avi,

Thanks for the comment man... Know wat i have a friend Avi.. who has the same name called tiffosi. Guess all Avi's are obsessed with tifossi. :)