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May 28, 2007

Brand marketing, bigger than the product ??

Amidst seeing Indo-Bangla cricket series with Live commentary in Telugu and Tamil due to some stupid TV rights problem, I thought a bit more on the ads I saw during the time.

We have some really cool and innovative ads on display out there. For instance take this chewing gum ad for 'happy dent'.

While Googling for the video on youtube, found few more videos which caught my eye.
One of them being for this 'Camlin' marker.

I mean so much creativity for a chewing gum, a marker, is it worth the whole process??? I am yet to understand the kind of stakes on these ads. What might it bring in to the sellers of the product, is it buyers intrested in these products or just provide some arbit source of entertainment on prime time TV. I dont know what other aspects go into promotion, branding and marketing of the product, but i always felt it was the product that led to the rise of the brand. Clear examples being Colgate or even Airtel and Hutch in the recent times.
Shouldn't brands be showcasing ads in order to evoke or rekindle interest in their buyers or even to educate people like me and you for a nobler cause like this one???

I think its a clear case of advertising not utilised to its potential.
What say ???



lookwhosback said...

oi....i think i sent you an offline regarding this but guess you didn't receive it...this blog of yours won me a nice oversized black t-shirt at a quiz competition. they played most part of the camlin ad and asked us to guess. and i had watched it here just the day before so i was all excited about it...i was actually in 2 minds to let the video load cos the net speed is low but wonder what made me click on ok. so....thankoo very much...and keep the posts coming...finish the tag too...

complexvanilla said...

Actually, you are quite right. Some of the ads are so focussed on the ad itself that the consumer recalls the ad but not the product! Let me share with you an anecdote.
At a meeting of the board of directors of a certain company X which was in the business of manufacturing dog biscuits, the topic of discussion was why their product was underperforming in the market despite employing agressive marketing and publicity campaigns. They got no conclusive answers and so lay the challenge open to the employees to figure the reason out. There was a cash incentive on offer too. The winner had noted thus: The dogs don't like our dog-biscuits.
Here, the target consumer was the dog. Despite all the marketing, if the dogs didn't want to eat it, would any dog-owner want to buy it? This is the kind of shortsighted thinking that people in the ad business seem to be employing of late.

VeenS said...

The first two of the ads are my favorites!

I understand the rant/ and all the stuff you wrote about but I think of ads as more of time-pass stuff!! If something of the sorts that invokes giggles-thoughts and is packed with someone like Abhishek Bachan ( especially something like the *Music Addiction By Moto Rocker" Ad)win all my points and its fun to lighten up once in a while!
I know we go by the ads to shop for stuff ** i agree i agree* but say if you like White dent ( or whatever it is called ) would you not buy it in spite of the ads or because of the ads?

So sit back, relax and **giggle giggle** at AB Junior( or whoever is you favouri) and Njoy madi!

"Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he isn't; and a sense of humor to console him for what he is." :D