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Apr 26, 2015

Work anniversary- A ticking counter or accomplished milestone

Wow, its five years already, 60 months since I first landed a job after completing my MBA. Feels a tad unreal to imagine the kind of journey I have had. No, I don't need to pinch myself, its not that unreal.

The amount of time I've spent in my company, may raise quite a few questions in your inquisitive minds. As it is not considered normal/usual in this day and age to have the kind of stability in one's professional career.  I'm sure the word 'stability' will have different interpretations for each of you. Risk averse mentality, staying in a comfort zone or it could be the plain fact of experiencing growth while being stable in the current job.

'Growth' again has multiple dimensions to it. While it obviously means growing strong financially, there is an undeniable fact of growing as a professional. The wins, losses, associations, disassociations, appreciations and escalations, all come together in making the fibre of a professional's character.

In many cases though, professional anniversaries could prove to be that ticking counter that one needs to consider, and take the next course of action in their professional lives. For all you know it might be the next big opportunity is waiting to be unearthed.

For me though, I believe every year accomplished is a checkpoint in the journey of a professional's career, where one may want to stop, reflect and progress.

Long ago in college during a so called 'employability skill enhancing workshop' they had a question for us, which I had answered as below:

Q: How long would you be associated with our company ?

Me: As long as I am adding value to you and benefiting myself, I would surely work in your company.

While this answer might seem rather idealistic in today's world, I believe I still standby it.

So, is it your work anniversary ? If it is, how do you feel about it ?


Mostly Anusha said...

Hey there :)

Congratulations! This is an important milestone alright. Half decade of your life doing something you enjoy, that is something.

I completed my first anniversary as an entrepreneur recently. It was a huge personal victory for me for so many reasons and yes! I caught myself nodding my head in agreement while reading your post.

'As long as you add value' that is indeed the keyword. If money is the primary motive, many things can go downhill from there. Seems like you have your priorities right :)

All the best and wish you loads more success!


boeuff said...

I would say, make sure you enjoy what you do and not be a victim of circumstance. Having worked in the same business for almost two decades now I really can say stability is an important factor in life, like the Japanese say constancy of purpose. All the best

Anonymous said...

Wow Sanjay. I am quite impressed. 5 years is a long, long time. Apart from getting eligible for gratuity (;)), this calls for a thinking/ reflection session. Some people get it right the first time, while some continue to wander from company to company in search of the meaning of profession.