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Jun 13, 2010

Complexology - The Art of identifying unanswerable questions

Lately, there has been a spate of family functions and attending it, means answering many questions. Primarily when all senior cousins in the family are married and you are next on list.

"So when is yours" they ask? 

Ask any bachelor, he would tell you that this would be one of the most difficult questions he'll ever have to answer. When is it that we actually know the time, the right time. Every time this question poses itself in multifarious ways, there is a new concern and a newer sub-question to address.

As if the larger question was not enough, I was faced with another question. 

"Do you know whom you are going to marry"? 

The question though very straight forward, has a lot of ramifications. Come to think of it, if one knows the answer for this question, the larger question more often than not gets answered. But trouble is when you haven't found the answer for the sub-question, all the questions loom larger and larger. 

Excuse me for the sheer confusion in the post, the topic is to be held responsible.

For all those people, who faced this question and successfully found an answer, I am all ears to your wisdom. And for all other crusaders who seek an answer, my best wishes are with you.

Picture credit: I, me and Myself.
Title Credit: Vikram Belathur


viky said...

Nice way of expressing .. we actually know wat u mean.. If you get some advice pls share it and we shall discuss bout this in our next "sitting session" :)

Nona said...

There is no need to fret over the questions! Stop attending family functions! :) Ain't it easier? :p

Prady said...

when you feel that you need a partner to share all your momments with, thats when you know... well, you know :D

Sanju said...

@Viky, Sure.
@Nona, it's a workaround not a fix ;)
@Prady, Ohk :-}

Shubs said...

Well, i can see that this post comes out of experience. reminds me of a joke. Whenever someone asks you the question next time during marriages, u should remember the person's face. Next time you meet him/her at a funeral, ask them "so when is urs?" ;)