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Mar 21, 2010

One movie I can't be tired of

Sunday afternoon couldn't have turned any better with DD playing Masoom, this is one movie I can't get tired of watching. While I have no intention of attempting to review this, I was thinking about one of my recent posts titled Books or movies and learnt that the movie Masoom is a screen adaptation of Erich Segal's Man, Woman and Child. I haven't read this book till now, but I have a feeling that I might not read it further too because I am very sure the screen magic can't be experienced on paper in black and white.

There are some thrilling emotions I experience every single time i see this movie. 

The song "Tumse Naaraz nahi Zindagi hairaan hu Mein" penned by the gifted Gulzaar and sung by Anup Ghoshal gives me goosebumps. The song is like a reflection of the plot its characters and the underlying emotion.

The scene when the impeccable Naseeruddin Shah playing the role of DK Malhotra, asks Master. Jugal Hansraj playing the role of his illegal son Rahul, "Kya aapke ke paapa Chashma Pehente hai"[Does your father wear spectacles]looking at one of the paintings by Rahul and then immediately realizes he himself wears one. DK's expression depicts the complexity of the relation he shares with Rahul, he is the father of a son who doesn't know that who he calls him his uncle is indeed his father. Thats exactly when the second stanza of the song is played in the background making the scene beyond brilliance.

DK's wife Indu played by Shabana Azmi is a character of a woman who has a mother's heart, but her womanhood prevents her from being the foster-mother she can be or wants to be with the song's female version voiced by Lata Mageshkar This dilemma is so sensitively etched out by the Shekhar Kapoor, the director of the film and Gulzaar's music is like icing on the cake.

But the biggest cogs in the wheel is the casting of the kids played by the then Child artists Urmila Matondkar, Jugal Hansraj and Aaradhana. 26 yrs after being made, this movie still has the relevance today and How?

Kudos to the whole team of Masoom. Why don't they make movies like this anymore???

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Nishant said...

Hey even I was just flipping thru d channels when I just got stuck on dis movie today. Its already dere on my laptop, (I had downloaded it few months back) n though d storage space in laptop falls less many a tyms bt I adjust dt by deleting sth or d other bt dis movie is sth which just cnt be deleted. Rarest bollywood gems.

yamini said...

truly said..both of u...MASOOM is indeed magical...perfect title..perfect songs..perfect music..perfect lyrics..cinematography....everything is so perfect...
One of dose rare movies which looks so much real in todays life as much as it must hav looked in the life back then..
The song- DO NAINA AUR EK KAHANI...reminds me of my babyhood...juts loved it

eyememyself said...

Totally agree with you on this. Gem it is!
And a very good write up. You're emoted very well about the movie:)

Sanju said...

@Nishant, I used to do the same with my 'Godfather' trilogy, but finally cut it on a DVD. Some possessions/memories.. are just priceless.

@Yamini, Glad I coould remind you of your babyhood memories.

@Maga, Feels good to hear from you. Thank you :)