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Nov 17, 2009

What's on the mind these days? It has practically become a dairy which contains the to-do list with so many entries. Amidst all this when you try and chug on, there are quite a few things that happen. Like this afternoon I saw the body of my TVS victor on display on a road, and the number plate reading "I'm no more Sanjay's". I wonder if this a sign of something to come. I dreamt of having parked my bike somewhere and I forget about it completely, and when I do remember about it, its too late. As it is my dream recollection  capability is really hazy and like you see its no different this time.

Is there some gyaan about a dream in late afternoon or early evenings that I should worry about? I don't know. There are times when one has got to be absolutely positive about everything and I'm in one such phase. For too long now, I have been thinking of turning lean to go with my Victor. Accordingly, I wish and foresee my long cherished dream to complement my size with a Royal Enfield soon.

The many other things I mentioned above that happens in a busy day's schedule don't find place in this post. I only wish and hope my foreseeing is part of my special powers :)



Anonymous said...

Dreams are necessary to life because they are today's answers to tomorrow's questions.