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Oct 1, 2009

Do-this-what, you might ask me. For the first time in MBA I am finding this break a bit too much to make real good use of. 

Coming to think about what I've done with semester breaks until now, it always comprises of a customary trip with my closest group of friends and on returning sleep a lot, watch movies, read books, retrospect and worry/plan about the upcoming semester. 

When it comes to movies, books, sleep and the trip too(upcoming weekend) It has been no different this time. But somehow the upcoming semester has a had a way with the structure of my thoughts. I've been spending lot of time on social networking websites with more than just the usual intention. Good or bad, i don't know. 

Anyways over the last two days, I read Aravind Adiga's much acclaimed 'The White tiger' and watched Quentin Tarantino's 'The Inglorious Basterds'.  I would usually move on with more books that I've stacked up in my shelf. But I have made a pact with myself of trying to be more regular on my blog and hence this time I decided to maybe review them both.

Statutory warning : I have little experience in what i'm attempting in the upcoming posts, so please do feel free to be critical of my work.

Will be back...


Nona said...

Waiting for review on the QT movie. :)

madhava reddy said...

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