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Jul 25, 2009

Been so long... that I am a senior now and its exactly been a year since we performed so many things on stage for our inaugurals...

Everytime there is one such event, I've just realised how lucky i have been, to do something totally new everytime. If it was the dance to the tubthumping 'khaike paan banaras...' number, this time it was a MiMe act for the deafening solace of a Kenny G number.

The theme of the act being the much talked 'swine flu' or the H1N1 virus. This parody yet factual act was beautifully conceived by a good friend Malai Dey, who is quite frankly fantastic when it comes to playwriting.

Here is a video courtesy of Siddarth Jaithaliya who captured, and yet an other friend Saurabh Lunker who uploaded this 300-something mb file.

The act was ably supported by the other members of the group namely
Vaarij - H1 virus ( Appreciate the great commitment shown by the guy to have come and enacted while suffering from a fever of 103 deg).
Lubanshu - N10 virus - (size does matter!!!),
Sandeep, Atmaram, Nikhil, Avishek, Anshul, Lokesh and Myself.

Also, what a performance by the senior batch with lots of enthralling dances, skits that let you emote without realizing and just the overall co-ordination.

Before I forget, I must applaud the junior batch for putting up a wonderful show with all the adversities they have faced. I am enthralled by the response they have shown, and we as seniors are totally committed to making our limited stay with you guys an eventful and memorable one.

Let the good times begin....


Divya said...

Hey good one...
Nice to see that you are enjoying ur MBA so much..

all d best
take care

Sanju said...

Hey Divs, Thanks for stopping by :)

hinna said...

hey !!!!
i really appreciate wen u write on everything that happens in ur life!!!

feels gud to know that atleast one person enjoys every moment of his life :) :) :)

mona said...
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mona said...
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