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Dec 18, 2006

Life’s turned a full circle in kanakapura Sangama!!!

Some 4 years ago, had been to Sangama in kanakapura, Chunchi falls with a party of SBM employees and their families.

I wonder if life has completed a full circle since then. There I was thinking what I’d do after my final year of graduation and now I am thinking of what to do, to break the mundane routine that I am in.

Anyways, on the occasion of ‘Gandhi Jayanthi’ or probably just an other occasion when we wanted to hit out of Bangalore, around 10 guys in 2 cars decided to head towards Sangama which basically is a confluence of two rivers – Arkavathi and Kaveri(Cauvery) and further to Mekedaatu(5 kms from Sangama).
This place has always given me memories of losses. Be it personal or materialistic…

If at all, he had not ventured into the water, if at all he wasn’t so adventurous. But I know … ifs and buts’ do not count in real life. It can happen only in flashback. A lively fun-loving guy is what I vividly remember Vinay Sreedhar as. He was my PU classmate and a good volleyball player. But now when I think about him, and the place which took him away from us, I can only say… “Who is bigger than nature”? Alas, if he’d only understood this!!!
Materialistic loss, well it’s nothing comparable to this grave loss of life. But since I am talking about losses here I rather include this one too. I lost a wallet here, right in front of my eyes, when my over enthusiasm got better of my senses that made me think my cousin was a good catcher. Don’t know if my throw was bad or it was she who dropped the wallet into the flowing water. Like a fish that doesn’t leave a trail, there was not a clue left behind. I could only stare at the gushing water helplessly.

This was all last time. This time around I started the trip thinking, four years would have brought in lots of changes in me regarding my outlook towards life. I had sort of forgotten the sense of loss of this place had given me. We embarked on our journey with gaiety and excitement reached the place and had fun. We went to mekedaatu after going around Sangama. Everything completed and we started to leave, when I realized the loss syndrome that had hit me again. I found my favorite sunglasses missing, as usual the sense of dejavu haunting me now. Anyways, like some people have happy hunting grounds I have some sad losing grounds of which this is one.
Signin off by dedicating this passage to my deceased friends Vinay Sreedhar(in the pic) and Arvind. Hope their souls rest in peace.


Shamith said...

I see that these days... Your posts only portray only... the loss.
I am sure.. Your loss is in abyss and the gains just in your reach.

Shamith said...

Lots of errors in typing with blackberry.. Bare madi..

Shamith said...

Lots of errors in typing with blackberry.. Bare madi..

Anonymous said...

after reading this.. i must tell u that ur very irresponsible.. just kidding..

anyways, wallet and glasses are ok.. but felt very sad about ur friends.. anyways.. may their sould rest in peace..

complexvanilla said...

Hi Sanju, this is Prashanth, from Vijaya Composite. Reading your blog brought back old memories. Yes, what happened to Vinay was tragic. "Could it have been prevented?" is a question that keeps coming back and haunting friends of his, especially those who were present right there, but then, that is beyond the point. As you mention in your blog, nothing happens by mere chance. It too had some kind of a weird reason. It would no doubt be painful to try and find it and I'm not sure it would even do anybody any good, and will in all probability cause more pain, so it is better that it be dropped, given a decent and dignified rest. Some questions remain unanswered all our lifetimes and many of them are better left unanswered. Good that you feel you completed a full circle. Just goes to prove that Life goes on. Nice blog man. Try and write more often.

Vinay said...

Yes maga.. tragedy indeed :(
May their soul rest in peace..
Miss Vinay Shreedhar a lot :(
BTW, Nice blogs dude.. :)